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Stay in a particular house, on the Balanec island

Buguélès Penvénan, Côtes d'Armor, Bretagne, France

Geographical situation

House on the Balanec island
22710 Penvénan-Buguélès
(Coasts of Armor, Brittany France)

surroundings :
Port Blanc (name : White Port),

Éliane Pariscoat tél. 0296915729


House being able to accomodate 7 people.
The house is located on the island of Balanec and is accessible in the car, with low tide.
It is in a large ground with lawn, trees, rocks, carpark for several cars.
The seashore is near, being separated from the house only by the coastal lane.
The view is splendid: sea, many islands, the natural dam of rollers.
The animals are accepted.

Further information and reservation

There remain dates of reservations available in June and July 2009.
Telephone the 02 96 91 57 29

Bookmarks (tourism, information)

Éliane Pariscoat tél. 0296915729

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